Sunday, March 23, 2008

Workout-March 23, 2008

3 rounds of the following:
  1. KB Single Arm Overhead lunge walk--10 yds/arm + KB Chopper--10/side
  2. Keiser Squat Chop--5/side + Box Jump-Depth Jump-kB Single arm Snatch--5/arm
  3. DB Forward lunge w/ overhead press--5/leg + 300 yard shuttle
  4. Double Purple band rotational hip snaps--10/side + Barbell rotational press--10/side
  5. Bench push up and catch--10x + Hose rows--10x
  6. Prowler push--35 yards lo/35 yards hi + Staggered stance MB Hip snaps--20/side.
Tony finished in 29:50; Chris in 27 minutes; Kirby puked and couldn't finish! Next time big daddy...

Lakota West Girls Soccer off-season training

Soccer girls rock!