Monday, May 12, 2008

Workout--May 10, 2008

Each of the following stations was done for 5 minutes....

  1. Hose Arm Bars--10x + Dragon Pushups--20x
  2. Stability Ball Skiers--20x + KB Turkish Get Up--5x/side
  3. KB Single Arm Band Swings--5x/side + Barbell Snatch--10x
  4. Med Ball Rotational Throws--10x/side + Prowler Push--70 yds
  5. Burpee Box Jump--5x + Lunge Jumps--20x
  6. Tire Sledge Hits--5x + Alternating hand tire touches--20x/hand
Hit the stairs for another 15 minutes straight.
Here is a video for that day...

Monday, May 5, 2008

Workout--May 4,2008

Each pair of exercises lasts 5 minutes:
  1. Dragon Walk + 3 Dragon Push Ups every 10 yds
  2. Perpendicular kneeling MB rotational passes--10x/side + 300 yard shuttle
  3. Hose Fallout--5x + Chain Raise--10x
  4. Tire Clean/Overhead slam--10x + Band Push/Pull
  5. Sled Walk + KB Snatch every 10 yards
  6. Double KB Swing--5x + Double KB Front Squat--10x
We did some agility work and then single leg bounding for about 8 more minutes...

I have had a few people ask what the hell these exercises are, so I will be adding video footage in the coming posts....
BTW, this class is full; we are no longer accepting applications.