Tuesday, August 9, 2011

early sport specialization 0R early athletic specialization?

Great article by Max Prokopy...

1997 was a landmark year for young athletes, burgeoning internet gurus, and helicopter parents. As Tiger Woods drained the final putt of a record-setting performance at the Masters, millions of parents, coaches, and educators watched in awe. Tiger's first TV golf appearance was at age 2(!). By age 21 he was the most formidable force in the sporting world. Either conscious or sub-conscious, these well-documented facts galvanized the early specialization movement. Best-selling books such as Outliers, The Talent Code, and Bounce are wonderful accounts of the grueling ascent to expertise. However, they might create as much trouble as inspiration. The message received by parents and coaches often places early specialization into one sport above the value of diverse movement. More importantly, it's held high above "play." While there may be more Tigers-in-progress than ever before, we've also seen a rapid rise in youth sport overuse injuries. Click here for the rest....

Monday, August 1, 2011

unbelievable training footage from the 1970's

cheesy hair, cheesy music, french narration...but I was mesmerized by the training styles and power demonstrated by one of the best throwers ever, Werner Gunthor of Switzerland. Try and watch all four parts...here is part one.