Sunday, April 6, 2008

Workout--April 6, 2008

If these workouts interest you and you enjoy pain, let me know and we can all sweat and bleed together! This is only open to serious inquiries; everyone else can stay in their air-conditioned, soft-rock, family-oriented, "fitness center"...
Here we go:
  1. Single-arm lateral push ups--10/side + Suitcase deadlifts--10/side [good one from EFS]
  2. Bradford presses--20x + Double KB Swings--5x
  3. Lo Prowler push + Hi Prowler push--40 yards each way
  4. Heavy MB vertical throws--5x + Sled runs--40 yards [did these two outside]
  5. Heavy tire flips--5x + Single-arm KB Clean/Jerk--5/side
  6. Colts shuttle run--40 yards + Single-arm KB Snatch w/ 5 yard walk--40 yards/arm
Finished 3 rounds in 30:01--1 second off!!!

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